A Discussion Of The USPS Change Of Address Price

Approximately, 40 million people relocate in the USA each year resulting in a large number of changes in address on a regular basis. While the typical $1.05 verification fee for online or telephonic change of address is a well-known fact, many of these individuals are now paying more than they have to change their personal address information. The question remains, how much should a person need to pay to change a postal address? What is the most suitable amount one should pay the post office for this task? This article will discuss the issue of the USPS change of address price.

USPS Change of Address Charges

Statistics of a survey in 2014 showed that individuals in the US felt no one should pay more than the average $1.05. This is the cost of changing the USPS address online as part of the verification procedure. If you wish to avoid any verification, the change of address can be completed at a local post office; however, this does not present with the same level of convenience or speed as an online option. In fact, heading to the local post office may be more expensive than the single verification fee of $1.05.

Other methods have been deemed more costly than going to a local post office or using the online option. Reports show that approximately 500,000 people utilize address change websites run by a company that is not the USPS and consequentially land up paying a great deal more than the $1.05 verification fee. Companies including Change-of-Address.us and Change-My-Address.com, both companies that will charge up to $30.00 for an online change of postal address.

Why would a person consider using these websites?

Well, the option of online usps temporary change of address is highly attractive because of its benefits, such as convenience and ease of use. Furthermore, many of the companies’ clients were under the impression that they would not pay more than the average $1.05 for an address change. It turned out that the companies presented with hidden fees below the viewable screen area seen by customers when they completed the change of address forms. This is the reason why people landed up paying such large amounts.

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Hundreds of complaints have been sent to the Better Business Bureau indicating the poor service and “scams” performed by these companies. As such, the Better Business Bureau has assessed the companies and provided them with an “F” rating making them the least reputable alternatives.

In addition to complaining to the Better Business Bureau, numerous American citizens claimed legal action against the offending company in Washington and Ohio states. Each of the cases was brought against the website’s parent company, Form Giant, and charges were settled in 2014 offering $3 million in refund to the “burned” customers.

Taking all this information into account, it can be seen that changing one’s USPS address online is highly beneficial; however, it is important to do research before using non-government websites. If you do not do your research, the chances are likely that you will find yourself in the same situation as those attacked by the above companies. Visit us online to get more information.