A Guide To The Most Common Electronic Components

Electronic components are simply basic electronic parts or electronic elements. These components are generally packaged in a form that is discrete, and two or more leads or metallic pads connect together.

Electronic components are designed to connect together, and this connection is generally made by soldering the components to PCB (printed circuit board). This process helps to create a circuit that for a specific function. For example, the circuit that is created may be a:

Radio receiver

Some of the most common electronic components are:

Resistor array
Logic gate

What Are The Different Types Of Electronic Components?

There are two different types of electronic components, and they are active and passive components. Active electronic components are components that provide directionality or gain. Logic gates, transistors and integrated circuits are examples of these types of circuits.

Passive electronic components do not have directionality or gain. They are also called electrical elements, and the most commonly known ones are resistors, Inductors and diodes.

What Are The Functions Of These Components?

Each component has its own function. Connectors and Terminals are used to make electrical
connections, and Resistors are electronic components that are used to resist currents.

Switches are electrical components that can potentially connect and conduct whether they are open or closed, and Capacitors are components that have the ability to hold electrical charge while in an electrical field. Capacitors are also the second most commonly used electrical component in electrical circuits.

Transistors are semiconductors that have the ability to amplify, while Diodes are electronic components that can only conduct electricity in a single direction.

Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Electronic Components

There are several manufacturers and suppliers around the world that manufacture, import and export these components. Electronics Design World is a distributor that carries interconnects, semiconductors, passives, power sources and other specialty products. The company also tests and measure equipment.

RCD Components, located in the United States, is a supplier and manufacturer different electronic components functions include:

Chip resistors
Active/Passive delay lines
Metal-Film and Metal-Oxide resistors
Wire-Wound Resistors
Special Purpose High Precision Resistors
Surface Mount Tantalum Chip Capacitors

These are the electronic components that are commonly used during the construction of electronic circuits. These components have been designed to perform specific functions, and they are used to help make electronic devices perform as they should. Each component works independently and also in conjunction with other components to ensure the proper functioning of an electronic circuit.