How to Compare LED Light Bar Products

LED light bars are great for off-road vehicles and pickup trucks. How can you choose the best product for your vehicle? There are simple things to look for when comparing products. There are three basic types. There are those that are cheap, low-end, or high-priced.

This means you have a pretty good basic selection to choose from and that there is something for your budget. There are a variety of sizes, too. You only need to find the one that has the correct width for your vehicle.

Tips to Buy The Right LED Light Bar Products

No matter what you look for in an LED light bar, always buy one that has a warranty. You may pay a low price for it, but as long as it comes with a warranty, preferably a lifetime warranty, you are getting a light bar that should serve its purpose well.

The most durable bars are made from aluminum with a durable powder coat finish. They also have polycarbonate lenses. These are extremely durable and will last.

straight LED bars

Another option is to get a curved LED light bar. These are not super bright and they are not super expensive either. They can be mounted on your lower bumper, across the top of the vehicle or even behind the grill. The curved bars look good and match your vehicle’s shape.

The most important thing is that they spread a wide beam which allows you to have better peripheral vision. They can help you stay safe even if you are driving off-road. They measure about a meter in length and if you choose them, you want one that is about 30-inches across. These can support two rows of bright lights.

Things to Consider When Buy LED Light Bar Products

Make sure to look for products that offer different beam patterns like spot beams, flood beams, and combinations. The different beams will work when you drive in any light or any weathers. You can rely on them to light the way no matter what the driving conditions are.

As with the straight LED bars or curved bar that is made of durable materials. Aluminum is good but stainless steel is even better. Check for the military standard ratings in the US. This is your assurance that you are getting a superior light for your money. A great light bar should be resistant to corrosion, waterproof and have at least 50,000 hours of continuous lighting.

Curved LED Light Bar

LED light bars should fit just about any vehicle but make sure to buy a product that is guaranteed and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Any light bar made with LEDs should be made to strict standards so make sure that there is information about the lab tests used to measure the product’s quality. Get in touch here to know more.

The best products are made from durable metals and have passed strict long-term lumen testing. They should also be tested for their ability to provide clear light in any condition rain or shine. Finally, be sure to double check the customer reviews left for various products so you can compare several LED light bars. Buy the best LED bar products at