Planning A Stress-Free Move: 4 Things You Must Do

While nobody really enjoys moving, there are ways of reducing the stress of the experience, making it less of a burden on the person making the move. Otherwise, leaving important matters to chance or waiting until the last minute is a guaranteed way to make moving a very unpleasant task.

Things you can do to make moving less stressful and more efficient:

1. Reserve Your Movers Ahead Of Time

Call moving companies weeks in advance, to ensure that you end up with the right one. You want to know what their services will include and how much, including fees and “extras”, the entire operation will cost you. Call ahead, ask a lot of questions and double-verify the date of your move with them.

2. Stock Up On Moving Supplies

You probably need more boxes and tape than you think, so purchasing extra supplies when you shop is a good idea. If you’re getting boxes for free, make certain they’re clean and sturdy. Often, picking up empty boxes for free from a store can lead to packing your belongings inside smelly and soggy cardboard. You also run the risk of bringing a few insect stowaways. Make a list of what you’ll need and buy early, along with buying a few extras, just in case.

3. Switch Your Utilities And Mailing Address

While you don’t want to be billed for any extra time once you leave your old address, you don’t want to show up to darkness at your new one. Call the utilities company a couple weeks before your actual move, then a few days in advance, too. Make sure the switch employer identification number change of address and doesn’t cost you anymore than it should.

Stop by the post office and obtain a moving kit, which will include everything you need to have mail delivered to a new address or post office box and at the right time.

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4. Keep A Box Or Bag Of Essential With You

No matter how crazy the move might become, you never want to lose track of your “essentials” bags or boxes. Keep them separate from what the movers handle and mark the items clearly. The essentials container should house things like your toothbrush and other toiletries, a change of clothes and important identification and paperwork.

Moving can be an awful experience, if you leave too many things to chance or don’t organize the tasks at hand. Making a list is a great start, but you have to follow a logical course of action until the last box is unpacked, to really eliminate much of the stress and chaos of this monumental task.

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