How Much Can I Expect To Pay To Build A Villa Or Is It Better To Buy?

For many people the attractions of building a villa make it one of the most attractive property investments that can be made. there are many reasons that property investors are looking at villas as offering the best return on investment – both in terms of sheer monetary value and in terms of a lifestyle investment. Not only do luxury villas offer exceptional returns in terms of the eventual sale price but they also offer the opportunity to make annuity income in terms of rentals to holidaymakers and also offer a great opportunity to enjoy the villa lifestyle when the property is not being rented out.

How Much does it Cost to Build Villa?

However for many people investing in their dream villa is not simply a case of buying a property that is on the market – but a case of really designing and building the villa of their dreams.

The question that these property investors want answered is how much would it cost to build a villa?

The answer is complex – it’s simply like asking how long is a ;piece of string? It all depends on the requirements of the property investor.

There are however a umber of factors to take into consideration that will help in the planning stages of the design process – and may give a more exact idea of what the final costs will be.

The first of these is the price of the land. This cost can vary significantly depending on the country and region where the villa is to be built. Of course the size of the land and whether it is seafront property will also influence that cost.

Then there are the costs for the preparation of the site.

Once those costs are factored in then the property investor can start to estimate the cost of the physical structure itself. And these costs can also vary wildly. To take the example of Cabos in Mexico – which is a popular choice for villas the costs can vary between $100 and $200 (or much more) per square foot – it all depends on the level of luxury that is required. The costs for ultra lux villas in this part of the world are significantly lower than other regions – but it is still subject to the individual requirements of the villa owner.

Given the fact that it may take several months (and often longer) to build a villa many property investors are simply choosing to buy into a villa that has already been developed. Once again in Mexico’s cabo San Lucas, untra luxurious four bedroom villas are on the market for under $3m – and there are luxury villas on the market for just over $2m.

Should You Buy or Build a Villa?

The question of whether to build or buy an existing property is one that only the property investor can answer. However, the increasing popularity of villa getaways as an alternative to hotel stays is driving up the investment value of these properties.

Combine that with the lure of enjoying the luxury and convenience of villa living for the property investor and their family and the investment begins to make perfect sense.