What Are The Best Natural Face Exfoliator For Your Face?

Exfoliation is essential in keeping the skin clear and healthy. As you get older, the skin is not as efficient or consistent in shedding dead skin cells from the face. Physical and chemical exfoliation can bridge these gaps in natural exfoliation as you age. One of the most common chemical exfoliants is fruit acids, and scrubs and other masks are excellent physical exfoliants.

Chemical and physical exfoliants are important when caring for the skin, and there are several ways to renew the skin using at-home exfoliation methods.


This is a wonderful option for those who want an overall body exfoliation. Salt will help to eliminate the dry and rough patches dead skin. Adding fruit extracts like citrus and papaya sea salt scrub may be a preferred choice.

A salt scrub will also help with dry skin and cuticles, and can also be the best perfect scrub for the feet.


If you have sensitive skin, you may want to choose oats as a natural exfoliator to comfort the skin. Oats can be used as an alternative for a facial scrub or it can be used as a gentle body scrub.


If you want to use a natural exfoliator for your face, it is important to use an ingredient that is finer than salt. Salt can also be abrasive, and this is why sugar is also a preferred ingredient for exfoliation.

Although this is an excellent exfoliate for the face, it is still important to avoid placing the scrub around the eye area. Sugar is also an alternative when shaving because it does not sting as much as salt does. Also, remember that your lips need to be exfoliated as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Apples

AHA, or alpha hydroxy acids, are beneficial acids for removing dead skin cells and revealing fresh, bright skin underneath. Malic acid is in apples, and is an excellent choice to be used as an ingredient in a natural exfoliation treatments for face.

A chemical peel made of apple cider vinegar is also a choice for a natural physical exfoliant.


Not only is milk good for your body inside, the lactic acid in milk can also be used to remove dead skin cells on the outside of the body. You can pour a small amount of milk on your body and massage the skin. Whole milk can also be combined with aloe vera juice or a raw egg if you have sensitive skin.

These are some of the natural exfoliators you can add to your skincare regimen to remove dead skin. Experiment to see which exfoliate is best suited for your skin.