List of Electronic Components with Names

Electronic components are devices that affect the electrons in a system and otherwise act within the system in a passive or active manner to transfer electricity around. There are some basic components and these include the ones described and named below.

These are the basic components and the names and definitions are general. Their actual functions can be quite complex and hard to understand. Electronic components are those that include resistors, transistors, diodes, light-emitting diodes, capacitors, and integrated circuits. They also include inductors and crystals.


Resistors do what their name implies. They resist the voltage that is sent through them. This process allows the voltage to be controlled within a circuit so that it works properly.

Transistors are like relays. They operate as switches that control the electrical current so it can be turned on or off. The switch turns off when the power is disconnected and it turns on when connected.

Diodes send the electrical flow in a particular direction. They are used to switch from AC to DC power. When power surges through light-emitting diodes, they light up. These are referred to as LEDs.

Capacitors work like low voltage batteries. They introduce delays in circuits. Integrated circuits are considered electronic if they have an active device. They are made up of tiny components and included in small packages.

Complex Electronic Components

Inductors are more complex electronic components. They are noted for being comprised of wires that are coiled up. These devices do not work well with high frequencies but they have a core at the center that helps them create a magnetic field when a current is introduced. Crystals are oscillators that are implemented to create exact frequencies.

These are basic components and this list is not inclusive of every type of electronic component used in products. The definitions here are simple. The concepts behind the components, especially, inductors, can be involved. It requires learning more theory to understand how these work and how they are implemented in electronic products.

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