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Contacting A Lawyer After Separation Is Usually A Good Idea

When you first met your married partner, you might not have known you were going to go down the aisle with them. However, as you got to know them and spent time with them, you probably got to a point where you could not envision life without him or her and decided you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them. So, you proposed, they accepted, and you got married and started a life together.

Unfortunately, half of all marriages don’t end with the death of either partner. They end in divorce. Reasons for divorce run the gamut. Some are about eventual sexual incompatibility, others are about infidelity, and a great many happen due to financial stresses. A lot of them just happen because one person is no longer happy with the relationship. Whatever the case, a separation is often necessary before a divorce can legally proceed.

It is during this time of separation that contacting a lawyer is a good idea. Divorce proceedings are usually the next thing around the corner, and while most partners facing a divorce believe their story or situation entitles them to more than the other person, it’s a good bet the other spouse feels the same way. It rarely comes down to who went through what personally, but more about who has the better lawyer in their corner.

The ‘better’ lawyer is not always the one with the most experience and skill, but often the one that’s had the most time to prepare. So, calling for a lawyer during your separation is good because it gives you time to get ready for divorce proceedings if they happen. Even if your spouse surprises you with a divorce notice before you file on them, you’ll at least already have a lawyer and a case to make.